Man Robs Two LA Stores

An armed man robbed 2 stores in Los Angeles on 2 consecutive days. A man held Radio Shack employees at gunpoint and demanded money and laptops in San Pedro on May 25. The following day, a man entered Game Stop and held employees at gunpoint while he demanded money and merchandise in Harbor City. Investigators believe he is the same man and are continuing to look for the suspect.

Robbery occurs when one individual takes the property of another using force or by threatening to use force. First degree robbery only includes certain robberies, such as those committed by drivers or passengers of commercial vehicles, robbery of homes or from individuals who have just used the atm. If you are convicted of first degree robbery, you could face 3 to 9 years in prison.

Robbery in the second degree includes robbery that is not considered robbery in the first degree. Using a firearm during the robbery, adds an additional 10 years to the defendant's sentence. If the firearm discharges during any part of the robbery, you may face an additional 20 years.

If you have been arrested and charged with robbery, it is still possible to defend yourself. False accusations and mistaken identity are reasons that your charges may be completely dropped. If you didn't intend to take the property or didn't use force or fear to acquire the property, your charges may be lessened.

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