The Wrap Interviews David Diamond About Wrongfully Detained TV Producer

The Wrap, a publication that covers news in Hollywood, interviewed Attorney David Diamond about the case of a wrongfully detained television producer, Charles Belk.

On Sep. 2, 2014, The Wrap published an article entitled, "Wrongfully Detained Black TV Producer's Arrest Record Probably Won't Go Away." While Attorney David Diamond has no ties to this particular case, The Wrap interviewed him for his expert opinion on the case.

"Close to 100 percent of the time when someone is arrested, it will stay in that database," Attorney Diamond told The Wrap.

A few weeks after the Beverly Hills Police Department admitted that its officers had mistaken television producer Charles Belk for a bank robber and wrongfully detained him, Belk's criminal record history, including the record of his arrest, finger prints, and mug shot probably won't go away.

Attorney Diamond has years of experience representing clients in wrongful arrest cases. Diamond told The Wrap that it literally happens almost every single day. "Often times it's based on race and often times it's based on laziness by law enforcement agencies."

Belk was arrested on Aug. 22 as he was walking towards his vehicle to check the time on the parking meter.

After the case of mistaken identity was over, the Beverly Hills police did issue an apology saying that it deeply regretted mistaking Belk for a criminal.

Hours before his arrest, Belk was at an Emmy Awards gifting suite. He told The Wrap that he was detained near Wilshire and La Cienega Boulevards when a motorcycle officer had pulled up next to him and asked him to come over to him. "He asked to see my identification and asked me to sit on the curb."

According to Belk, a police lieutenant later told him that he matched the description of an armed robber, he was wearing the same color shirt and pants. He also met the same physical description: tall, bald headed, black male.

As far as his arrest record, Belk didn't think enough was being done to clear his name. "It's unfair," he said. "I want my fingerprints, mug shots and arrest record removed."

Attorney Diamond explained that not all hope is lost. "There is a petition called a Petition to Seal and Destroy an Arrest Record. He can file it with the arresting police agency."

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