Entertainment Tonight Interviews Attorney Diamond About Bruce Jenner Crash

Earlier this month, former Olympian and reality television star Bruce Jenner was involved in a Pacific Coast Highway accident that resulted in the fatality of another driver. Few details have been released about the crash and the authorities continue to investigate, but Entertainment Tonight recently turned to Attorney David D. Diamond to review a video recreation of the crash and any possible legal ramifications for Jenner.

The recreation video in question was independently produced by Integral Media Works, Inc. using photos from the scene and input from traffic experts. While it depicts Jenner's vehicle traveling too closely to the vehicle ahead of him, Attorney Diamond was not convinced that the video was an accurate depiction of the accident.

"The irony about these re-creational videos is I've seen trials where each side-- the defense and the prosecution-- has their own and they're completely different," Attorney Diamond told the news program. The animation, he added "creates more questions than answers."

Attorney Diamond continued to weigh in on the possibility of any criminal liability by Jenner: "If ultimately the facts show that Mr. Jenner's only wrongdoing was following a vehicle too close, that's still against the law, and that could still be charged as both a misdemeanor or a felony depending what his speed was, how long he was following that vehicle and what his overall driving pattern was."

No Clear Answers Yet in Case

The crash is still under investigation and, according to Entertainment Tonight, video footage from a passing MTA bus depicting the crash has been turned over to the authorities. Jenner, who has not been charged with any crime, offered sympathy to the victim's family and has been cooperating with authorities.

Attorney Diamond does not represent any of the parties involved in this crash, but continues to be an invaluable legal resource and educator to the Southern California community and beyond, especially in addressing high-profile events such as this. If you or a loved one has been charged with a traffic-related crime, then we encourage you to contact our proven Los Angeles criminal attorney to schedule a consultation with our firm today.