Attorney David Diamond's Client Faces Sexual Battery Charges

Attorney David Diamond spoke to the press this week to defend his client, Sam Albert Gardian, against misdemeanor charges of battery and sexual battery. Gardian, a Newhall restaurant owner, has been accused by a former employee—whom Attorney Diamond notes had a history of workplace conflicts with his client.

"Mr. Gardian looks forward to defending against these false claims," Attorney Diamond told KHTS. "There was never any sexual battery. The alleged victim was written up on multiple occasions for misconduct at work. In fact, the allegations only arose after she was given her final warning, with a threat of termination."

Attorney Diamond also stated that the accuser is seeking significant financial damages and characterized the accusations as "a shakedown." "Now she has hired an attorney and is seeking millions, plural, millions of dollars," he added.

Hearing Later This Month

Gardian is charged with four offenses in all: two misdemeanor counts of battery and two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. Court documents indicate that the incidents in question allegedly took place in April this year. Charges were filed later, in June. Mr. Gardian has already entered a not guilty plea.

Attorney Diamond will accompany Mr. Gardian in court on September 20 for a preliminary hearing. Both he and our client look forward to confronting this matter and are confident that the court will make a sound decision concerning the need for a subsequent criminal trial.

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