Attorney David Diamond Offers Bill Cosby Deposition Analysis to The Wrap

Entertainment news outlet The Wrap recently turned to Attorney Diamond for insight on one of the most high-profile and controversial legal issues in the entertainment industry: the sexual assault allegations against comedian Bill Cosby. Most notably, The Wrap spoke to Attorney Diamond over the latest revelation in the story—the discovery of a 2005 court deposition in which Cosby admitted to using Quaaludes a date rape drug on young women.

"What is most shocking is that the lawyer failed to protect his client in this case. I am surprised that Mr. Cosby's lawyer allowed him to make those admissions," Attorney Diamond told the magazine. "He should have had him plead the fifth and not have him make those admissions."

Despite the admission—and the many women who have come forward with claims against Cosby—Attorney Diamond was less certain that the unsealed deposition would result in criminal charges. "I don't see it," he told The Wrap. "The reality is for criminal cases there is always a statute of limitations, the clock is always ticking and most of the limitations have come to a close."

A Damaged Reputation & Legacy

While criminal charges may not be forthcoming, there is a defamation lawsuit currently against Bill Cosby. The suit, along with the growing number of alleged victims, collaborators, and detractors, has put the once-revered comedian's entire legacy in question. Many, including Attorney Diamond, are skeptical whether or not the comedian can recover the allegations—particularly now with the 2005 deposition a matter of public record.

"You saw initial support when he was doing his stand-up routine," Attorney Diamond remembered, referring to the comedian's last stand-up tour. "Now the momentum is already rolling down the hill with such velocity that I can't see his career having any chance of revival."

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