The Trend of Legal Drugs

Miley Cyrus' recent bong controversy has propelled the legal drug "salvia" into the spotlight. Salvia is a legal, undetectable natural herb that induces psychedelic effects. Another legal synthetic drug is quickly gaining notoriety- - it is called "bath salts," "spice," and "K-2." Through the power of the internet, the popularity of the legal hallucinogenics is spreading rapidly.

Bath salts are a designer drug that has popped up in retail stores around the country . The synthetic drugs are legal - at least in most states. But numerous side effects surrounding the drug, including convulsions, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts, have prompted the Drug Enforcement Administration to use emergency authority to criminalize the drug. According to radio station KPCC, i n recent months, California emergency rooms have reported nearly half a dozen overdoses of the synthetic drugs. New York Senator Charles Schumer has introduced legislation to outlaw the bath salts nationwide. The Drug Czar of the White House, Gil Kerkikowske has also convened a special meeting to discuss the legality of the drugs.

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