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  • Expungement- Do I have to tell?
    Expungement- Do I have to tell?

    An expungement provides that the court shall set aside the verdict of guilty and dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant; thereafter, the individual "shall be released from all ...

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  • Where to Serve Subpoenas on Los Angeles Sherrif's Department
    Where to Serve Subpoenas on Los Angeles Sherrif's Department

    It can be confusing to navigate filing a subpoena. At Diamond & Associates , our legal team is available to answer questions and guide you through whatever you face. Our Los Angeles criminal defense ...

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  • California Jail Credits
    California Jail Credits

    Time Served Credits in California. Before January 25, 2012, a defendant received 50% credits meaning 2 days for every 4 served. Effective January 25, 2010, a defendant gets 100% credits, meaning 4 ...

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  • DUI's from other states
    DUI's from other states

    DUI prior offenses from other states may qualify as priors in California, but those priors from the other state must have the same elements as the California DUI. For example, DUI in Arizona involves ...

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  • Caregiver Status
    Caregiver Status

    The court has held that the voters could not have intended that a dying cancer patient's primary caregiver would be subjected to a criminal sanction for carrying otherwise legally cultivated marijuana ...

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  • The Trend of Legal Drugs
    The Trend of Legal Drugs

    Miley Cyrus' recent bong controversy has propelled the legal drug "salvia" into the spotlight. Salvia is a legal, undetectable natural herb that induces psychedelic effects. Another legal synthetic ...

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