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  • Mutual Restraining Orders
    Mutual Restraining Orders

    When you appear for a domestic violence restraining order, the Judge can grant mutual restraining orders on a very limited basis. Family Law Code section 6305 states that, "the court may not issue a ...

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  • Continuances in TRO Hearings
    Continuances in TRO Hearings

    Does the Respondent Have A Right to a Continuance? Yes. When the respondent appears to defend a domestic violence restraining order, he has an automatic right to continue the matter. He can ask the ...

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  • How to file an answer if served with a TRO
    How to file an answer if served with a TRO

    If you are served with a temporary restraining order, you must file an answer (response) with the court. The following provides links to said forms. However, it is also important to file your own ...

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  • Types of Restraining Orders
    Types of Restraining Orders

    When law enforcement respond to a domestic violence call, they can ask a bench offcier for an EPO. This stands for emergency protective order. It is issued by a law enforcement officer with the ...

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