Defending a Client in the Face of Public Accusation and Media Sensation

Defending a client who is facing criminal prosecution is a very involved and complex process. When a client comes to our firm seeking legal counsel, we will take the time to review the charges against him or her, evaluate the situation at hand, conduct further investigations, gather additional evidence and work tirelessly to prepare an aggressive strategy to protect his or her rights. While no two cases are the same, and there are circumstances that can arise which may delay or complicate any given case, clients know that when they come to our firm they will get the dedication and commitment they deserve.

In one of our recent cases, we had to take aggressive measures to defend our client in the face of public accusation and media attention to ensure he was able to get a fair and just trial. The case involved a Los Angeles Police Officer who was recently accused of molesting two young girls under the age of 10. According to wild accusations made against the officer and propagated throughout the media, the officer allegedly lured the girls back to his home to molest them. As we are the officer's legal representation, lead attorney David Diamond stepped in to challenge the allegations being made against our client and make it clear to the media that judgment should not be being made as the facts of the case have not even been presented in court yet. Thus our client was essentially being tried in the media before being given a fair and just trial. With that aspect of our client's defense taken care of, and now that he has pled not guilty in court, we are able to continue providing him with the aggressive representation needed to challenge the charges he faces.

We know that being charged with a crime is an extremely serious matter. Depending on the severity of the crime, the person who has been accused could be facing wrongful incrimination and potential jail time if he or she is convicted. It is for this reason we strongly recommend you contact Diamond & Associates as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been arrested or accused of committing a crime. Doing so will not only allow you to seek immediate legal guidance, but it will help you obtain aggressive representation from a veteran criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles as well. Our firm focuses strictly upon criminal defense cases. Through hard work and dedication we have gained a reputation as a firm that will do everything possible to protect our clients' rights, and fight for their freedom.

Our founding attorney is a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist and a Southern California Super Lawyer Rising Star. As he is an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced defense litigator, Attorney David Diamond also teaches law students the techniques involved in trial advocacy. All of this adds up to us being better able to serve our clients, help them through this difficult and often frightening time, and be a committed advocate at every step of the process.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorneyat our firm and schedule a consultation at once.