Defense Against Restraining Orders

Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyer

Restraining orders can become necessary for any number of reasons, and although these may be useful in certain situations, they can be completely unnecessary in others. If you have had a restraining order placed against you, or if someone is actively seeking a restraining order against you, it is important that you take action to protect yourself. Burbank criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond handles a wide variety of criminal matters, including restraining orders, and he has the legal knowledge and experience needed to effectively handle this situation.

The Impact of Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are orders given by the court to protect certain individuals from feeling threatened or from being victimized in any way. Restraining orders are meant to prevent an abuser or threatening person from coming within certain distance of another person. Frequently issued in situations involving domestic violence or abuse, a restraining order can prohibit a person from going anywhere near the alleged victim, which could mean not being able to go to many different types of places. If a restraining order is successfully placed against you, you may not be able to visit certain places that are in close proximity to the alleged victim, and this could cause many problems in your life.

Ensure Your Rights are Protected

The proven team at Diamond & Associates can represent you if someone is trying to place a restraining order against you. The firm can fight to prove that this protective order is unnecessary by finding evidence and information that may help your case. Do not risk having your life disrupted by a restraining order; contact a Burbank restraining order lawyer today to discuss your rights and legal options.