Medical Marijuana Tax?

Recently, the government has started to consider the potential value to placing a tax on marijuana, which is already lawful given a proper physician's recommendation.   Californians spend about $980 million each year to enforce state and local marijuana laws.  California is in a state of financial chaos and if there exists a possibility to eliminate such a large part of the problem, that proposal must be considered. 

Tom Ammiano, a San Francisco Democrat recently elected to the state legislature, announced that he was introducing a bill that would "tax and regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol" in the state of California. According to Mr. Ammiano, Assembly Bill 390, which would impose a tax of $50 per ounce on marijuana sales, "would generate $1 billion in new revenue" for the state if it is enacted.  Other factors to consider are that the elimination of a profit margin for the sale of marijuana could help the troubled Mexican government deal with its out of control drug war. 

David D. Diamond is a Los Angeles based medical marijuana attorney.