Has your property been subject to forfeiture? We can help.

Forfeiture is a civil action that is intertwined with criminal law. When an arrest for any offense that involves the manufacturing, sale, or possession for sale of illegal drugs, law enforcement officers are given the authority under Health & Safety Code section 11469 to seize certain items from the defendant that they believe are used to facilitate the crime. The rationale behind this law is that the officer should remove everything that is being used in the drug trade. 

Vehicles, real property (such as your house), and currency are some of the most common examples of the various items that can be seized subject to forfeiture law. Once property is seized, it is essential that a defendant submit a claim form to challenge the taking. This process can be complicated and must be promptly filed within 30 days to avoid the item becoming the property of the state. 

The Law Offices of David D. Diamond have experience in both Administrative forfeitures and Judicial forfeiture actions. David Diamond's experience with Return of Property Motions and forfeiture hearings is a tool that should be utilized if you or someone you know has had their property seized. Do not hesitate to call The Law Offices of David D. Diamond to help you get your property back!