Pasadena Attorney David D. Diamond is a State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist. His decades of experience are exactly what you need to overcome your criminal charges

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If you have been arrested or are facing allegations of a criminal offense, making the choice to involve an attorney as soon as possible may be crucial to the positive resolution of your case. The stakes are high when you're facing criminal charges of any kind - leading to the possibility of incarceration, heavy fines and dealing with the burden of a criminal record. Pasadena criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond is here to help you during this difficult time.

As a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer who has handled more than 1,000 felony and misdemeanor cases, Mr. Diamond can offer you the level of legal representation you need and client service you deserve through every step of the criminal process. Attorney David D. Diamond is a State Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, which is a testament to the fact that our firm continues to provide the highest quality legal representation to his clients. Only those who attorneys who meet the rigid requirements set forth by The State Bar of California are able to advertise as certified specialists in an area of law.

Mr. Diamond provides skilled legal counsel in any stage of your legal matter, long before criminal charges have been filed and after a conviction has been reached by filing an appeal or helping you clear your criminal record. Regardless of the particular charges you may be facing or what stage of the criminal process your case may be at, criminal attorney David D. Diamond can offer you the help you need.

Areas of Practice: Pasadena Criminal Defense

Our firm takes on all types of criminal cases in the Pasadena area, including matters such as domestic violence, drug crimes, felony offenses, sex crimes, violent crimes, restraining orders, and more.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you in resolving your case swiftly and efficiently, call us at (888) 860-6570.

Driving Under the Influence

If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you could be facing harsh consequences. Not only could you be sentenced to time in jail or prison, but you could lose your driving privileges. When the law enforcement officer pulled you over for suspected drunk driving, you could have been given a breathalyzer test or a field sobriety test. Under the Implied Consent Law, refusal to submit to one of these tests will result in an automatic license suspension.

It is understood that you received your driver's license, you agreed to take a test should you be pulled over. However, if this is your case, your situation is not hopeless. We could review your case and all the evidence against you. If there were any illegal practices involved in your case, your charges could be dropped. Time is crucial in these cases, so contact a member of our firm as soon as possible.

Your initial case evaluation is free of charge and may be extremely important to offering you the assistance you need to make informed choices about your case and retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer. You can count on our honesty and straightforwardness as we advise you of your rights, your options, and what you are up against in this particular matter.

Working with Criminal Lawyer David D. Diamond

When you are facing criminal charges of any kind, from DUI or simple drug possession to serious sex crime allegations, you need a lawyer with the drive and determination to protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law. You need a lawyer with the experience and resources to build a tailor-made plan of action that will represent your interests and your side of the story inside and outside of the courtroom. You need David D. Diamond.

For help with your case, contact Pasadena criminal defense lawyer David D. Diamond today.

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Real Results

  • DUI Dropped, Reduced to Exhibition of Speed .09 BAC
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving .12 BAC
  • DUI Dropped, Reduced to Exhibition of Speed .13 DUI
  • Set Aside, No Action Taken .14 BAC
  • DUI dropped, Reduced to Exhibition of Speed .14 BAC
  • DUI Dropped, Reduced to Exhibition of Speed .14 BAC
  • DUI Charges Dropped .14 BAC
  • Reduced to Exhibition of Speed, No Jail Time .14 BAC, Street Racing, Speeding (over 100 MPH), DUI
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving .16 BAC
  • Charges Reduced, No Jail Time .18 BAC/Third Time DUI