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Second Strike Drug Cases in California

Los Angeles Drug Crimes Attorney

California’s “three strikes law” calls for minimum sentencing guidelines in cases in which the defendant already has certain felony convictions on his or her record. Under the “three strikes law,” any person who commits a violent or serious felony crime for the second time will face double the penalties they would for a first-time felony conviction.

The following drug crimes are considered “strike offenses” under the three strikes law:

  • Selling, administering, giving, or offering to give a minor heroin, cocaine, phencyclidine (PCP), methamphetamine, or a derivative of these drugs (regardless if the minor gave his or her consent)
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Committing a felony drug crime with the use of excessive force or a dangerous/deadly weapon
  • Forcing, coercing, or intimidating a victim into participating in a drug crime
  • Threatening harm, imminent danger, or bodily injury on the victim while carrying out the drug crime or forcing the victim to participate in the drug crime

The penalties for a second strike are double the penalties for a first-time conviction. For example, if you would have been sentenced to 5 years in prison and $7,000 in fines, you will now face 10 years in prison and $14,000 in fines. You will also have a second strike on your record (the first strike is the first conviction on your record). In addition, you must also serve at least 80% of your sentence, regardless of good behavior or other circumstances.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

If you are facing felony drug charges, hiring an experienced and skilled Los Angeles drug crimes defense lawyer is absolutely imperative. If you are found guilty of a second felony offense, not only will you face enhanced penalties, but you will face even harsher penalties if you are convicted of third felony offense in the future.

A third strike conviction automatically results in 25 years to life in prison, regardless if the crime in question is more or less serious than the prior convictions on your record. An experienced attorney can use effective defense methods to negotiate for a reduction of the charges or penalties to remove a strike from appearing on your record, and thus, reduce the severity of the penalties for a future conviction.

Contact a Los Angeles Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you are looking for experienced, skilled, and dependable representation to help you fight your felony drug charges, you’ve come to the right place. Los Angeles drug crimes defense attorney David D. Diamond has represented numerous clients with prior felony convictions on their records, and knows how to work with prosecutors and judges to negotiate for a reduction of the charges.

Mr. Diamond will not hesitate to take the necessary time to review the facts of your case to look for any evidence, omissions, or errors that could force the prosecution to drop or reduce the charges. Helping you avoid a conviction, imprisonment, and other serious legal penalties is Mr. Diamond’s number one priority!

Contact Los Angeles drug crimes lawyer David D. Diamond today at (888) 860-6570 to schedule a free initial case evaluation!

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