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If you have reason to believe that a legal error was made during your trial, or if misconduct occurred amongst the jurors, you might be eligible to file a criminal appeal. Criminal appeals are what allow your case to be reevaluated, providing another chance for justice to prevail. All lawmakers are aware of the fact that mistakes can be made during a trial and many times this can lead to unfair convictions.

For this reason, appeals laws were set in place to protect the rights of defendants, offering them second chances at justice. No system is perfect, but one thing that federal and state courts both have in common is recognition of the fact that sometimes innocent people are wrongly found guilty. The appeals process offers an opportunity to remedy this problem, helping ensure all individuals within the criminal justice system have a fair shot at proving their innocence.

The Criminal Appeals Process

The appeals process will take place in appellate court, which is a level above the court of your first trial. The appellate court will review the written reports from your original trial and will receive written statements from both your lawyer and the prosecuting attorney. In this report, your appellate lawyer will point out any legal errors that occurred and/or any evidence that should be deemed inadmissible. The appellate court will then decide whether or not to overturn the previous ruling.

Valencia Criminal Appeal Lawyer David D. Diamond

Attorney David D. Diamond is fully capable of handling criminal appeals, regardless of the circumstances you may be facing. There are strict guidelines and procedures that must be adhered to during the appellate process, and Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Lawyer David D. Diamond will always know the proper actions to take to help your appeal. Having an attorney who is familiar with the inner workings of appellate courts will greatly increase your chances of having a successful appeal.

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