Criminal Appeals

Pasadena Criminal Appeals Attorney

Although you may have already been convicted of a crime, there is hope. Pasadena criminal appeals attorney David D. Diamond may be able to help you file an appeal in order to seek a second chance at justice.

Our justice system offers defendants convicted of criminal offenses the opportunity to file an appeal in the event that a mistake was made or justice was not served. In any trial, there is the possibility that an error was made that affected the outcome. For example:

  • Evidence may have been allowed that should not have been
  • Evidence may have been excluded from the trial that should have been allowed
  • Inappropriate instructions were given to the jury, affecting their decision
  • The sentence was not appropriate for the crime for which the defendant was convicted

In essence, filing a criminal appeal offers a person who has been convicted the opportunity at a second chance to seek a just outcome. If a trial error is discovered in regard to his or her case, the ruling may be overturned or overruled and the conviction reversed. When a conviction is reversed, the defendant may benefit from a reduced sentence or possibly a retrial.

Involving a Pasadena Appeals Lawyer

Acting quickly and working with a lawyer is important if you feel that a trial error occurred and you were wrongfully convicted or sentenced for a crime. Filing a criminal appeal is a particular area of law that requires the knowhow of an attorney experienced with these specific matters. It involves extensive research to locate trial errors or mistakes as well as written and oral arguments to offer you the best chance at a reduced sentence or new trial. With his experience in criminal defense and the resources to fully investigate your trial to locate any error or mistake, Mr. Diamond can offer you the help you need in filing your criminal appeal.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you, contactPasadena criminal appeals attorney David D. Diamond today.