Restraining Order Defense

Pasadena Restraining Order Lawyer

Have you been served a restraining order? Pasadena criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond may be able to help. You have the right to file a response, or answer, to a restraining order, and you also have the right to a hearing. In fact, a hearing will be held before the restraining order will be formally issued, and this may be your opportunity to seek to have it cancelled altogether. Having a lawyer at your side to help you prepare for the hearing and to represent your interests at this hearing, which will be held in front of a judge, will be crucial. Your interests will therefore be presented clearly to the judge, who will be able to see your side of the story and make a fair judgment.

About Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that prohibits the person named from doing certain things, such as contacting or coming within a certain distance of a victim of domestic violence or abuse. There are several different types of restraining orders that may be obtained for different purposes, such as stalking, domestic violence, or harassment. A restraining order may also be temporary or may last for up to 3 years depending on the case.

A restraining order may have a serious impact on you and your family. If you are served a restraining order by your spouse or ex-spouse, for example, you may not only be prohibited from seeing or coming into contact with your spouse but may also face issues involving custody of your children or visitation rights. This is just one of many reasons it is important to take full advantage of you rights by involving a lawyer as soon as possible.

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