Blog Posts in February, 2012

Must a Judge Grant Your Expungement Request?

Many people ask if a Judge has to grant your petition for an expungement. The answer is not simple. The law says that a Judge "shall" grant your request. Pursuant to People v Johnson (1955), ...
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Discovery in Restraining Order Cases

A major question in restraining order cases is whether or not discovery is permitted. A little known case answers that question. The simple answer is no. In Thomas v Quintero (126 Cal.App.4th 635), ...
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MMP Card or Recommendation or Both?

Often times our office is asked whether or not a person needs an MMP card and/or the physician's recommendation. Even peace officers are misguided under the law. The simple answer is you do NOT ...
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Medical Marijuana Law

Our firm was recently published for its review of medical marijuana law. Please refer to page 28 in the following magazine SFVBA SFVBA February Magazine Magazine
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Courts Can Prohibit Medical Marijuana Use While on Probation

On January 27, 2012, the California COurt of Appeals was asked to decide if the trial court property mandated that a defendant could not use medical marijuana while on probation. The Court of Appeals ...
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