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Facing perjury charges?

Intentionally and willfully distorting the truth under oath is considered perjury under California law. Lying in court, or in official documents such as marriage licenses, voter registrations, or other documents fall under the charge of perjury. One can also be charged with perjury when they encourage another to commit perjury. This crime can also apply to a person making a statement under penalty of perjury, even if the individual has not been sworn in as a witness before an appropriate official. An example of this would be a U.S. income tax return, which by law is signed as true under the penalty of perjury.

In California, perjury is a felony crime and a conviction can carry with it imprisonment of up to 4 years. One facing these charges would need highly knowledgeable white collar crimes counsel in order to effectively investigate and uncover all potential factors that could help their client avoid a conviction and its attendant harsh penalties. If you face perjury charges, you are urged to contact a Los Angeles white collar crimes attorney at once to learn about your options, and to get trusted legal representation.

Proven Perjury Defense

Diamond & Associates has many years of experience with perjury cases, and particularly in helping clients get charges dropped. These are winnable cases, but they require seasoned legal counsel with extensive understanding of California state law pertaining to perjury. The laws are tough on those charged with this crime, and we understand this can be a very difficult time and process for you and your family. With the right legal team behind you, you can feel confident that all steps will be taken with the resolute intention of getting you the outcome you most desire for your case.

Contact a Los Angeles white collar crime attorney at the firm if you face perjury charges and need legal solutions.