About White Collar Crimes

Los Angeles White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar offenses, similar to certain drug crimes can be investigated for many weeks or months before you are charged. Commonly, your first hint that you may be under investigation is when you receive a grand jury subpoena or state or federal authorities contact you in order to ask questions about your activities. If either of these has happened to you, it is important to immediately contact an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm. Statements that you make or any documents that you provide can be used against you. At times, actions by authorities are "fishing expeditions," designed to see what they can find and it is our job to bring a halt to such efforts.

An attorney from Diamond & Associates can quickly meet with you to assess the situation. The best course of action can then be determined to head off any attempts to arrest you or obtain information which can later be used to try to convict you of a white collar crime.

Types of White Collar Crimes

A white collar crime is one in which there is no threat or use of force or violence. Normally, it refers to crimes committed by businessmen, corporate executives and other professionals but any person can be tried and convicted of a white collar crime. Taking or obtaining property or money in an unlawful way is the key element of any white collar crime. Common types of these offenses are tax crimes, fraud, embezzlement, various computer crimes, bankruptcy fraud, bribery, obstruction of justice, perjury, counterfeiting, identity theft and bank fraud.

You will face either state or federal prosecutors when you are charged with a crime of this nature. If you are found guilty, you face restitution to the victims for the money or property that was taken plus lengthy terms of incarceration.

Our firm works to prevent you having to appear before a grand jury and to stop investigators from pursuing their course of action. If you have been charged already, it is important that you talk to your attorney only and do not "cooperate" with the thought that it will stop you from being charged. Let our knowledge and experience work to your benefit.

Contact a Los Angeles white collar crime attorney to learn how white collar crime charges can be successfully resolved.