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Third Strike Drug Cases

Three strikes law refers to a sentencing scheme in California designed to significantly increase the punishment for habitual offenders. Under California three strikes law, each time a person is convicted of a serious or violent felony offense, they will receive a “strike” on their record. When a person is convicted of a third strike offense, he or she will automatically be sentenced to 25 years to life in state prison. It doesn’t matter if the defendant is convicted of the same felony offense or a different offense, as long as the crime is considered a strikeable offense the three strikes law will apply.

If you are facing a third strike in a drug crimes case, it’s crucial that you seek out the defense representation of a highly trained, skilled, and experienced criminal defense attorney. Without proper representation, your chances of being convicted and ultimately sentenced to 25 years to life in prison are much higher. A Los Angeles drug defense attorney, like David D. Diamond, who has experience handling three strikes cases will know of effective defense tactics and how to negotiate for a reduction or dismissal of the charges. With the help of skilled attorney, you can avoid a lifetime, or what seems to be a lifetime, in state prison.

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If you have been convicted of a serious or violent felony, and are currently facing charges for a third felony offense, nothing should be more important than finding a dependable and experienced three strikes lawyer to handle your case and defend you in court. Los Angeles drug crimes lawyer David D. Diamond has handled many cases in which a third strike was involved, and has helped numerous clients avoid a conviction that would have landed them behind bars for life.

Mr. Diamond understands the magnitude of these types of cases, and is fully prepared to do whatever is necessary to help you avoid a third strike, whether that means negotiating with the prosecution, looking for errors or mistakes that could force the prosecution to drop the charges, or finding evidence the disproves the prosecution’s accusations. You can depend on Mr. Diamond to never give up on your case, and continue fighting on your behalf until a successful result is achieved.

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