Los Angeles Marijuana DUI Attorney

Defense for DUI of Marijuana in Los Angeles

People who drive under the influence of marijuana are violating the law in the same respect as those people who violate the law by drinking and driving. Anytime a person drives after consuming an intoxicating substance—whether it be alcohol or drugs—they are in violation of state DUI laws. Because marijuana affects a person’s reaction time, level of alertness, and physical control—much like alcohol—it is crime to drive while under influence of marijuana.

People who drive under the influence of marijuana not only put their own lives in danger, but they also risk the lives and safety other people around them. Law enforcement officers, judges, and prosecutors take DUI of marijuana cases very seriously, and will not hesitate to prosecute an offender to the fullest extent of the law.

Penalties for DUI of Marijuana

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced defense attorney to defend you in court. A DUI of marijuana conviction will result in a number of adverse penalties, such as fines, driver’s license suspension, community service, mandatory drug treatment, drug testing, a mark on your permanent record, and more. If you caused an accident that resulted in the serious injury or death of another person, you will face much more serious charges, such as vehicular manslaughter, and more severe penalties, such as imprisonment.

Contact a Los Angeles DUI of Marijuana Lawyer

When faced with criminal charges for driving under the influence of marijuana, hiring a skilled and experienced Los Angeles marijuana DUI attorney to defend you in court will greatly increase your chances of avoiding a conviction and numerous legal penalties. Attorney David D. Diamond has defended countless clients facing charges for DUI, marijuana offenses, and DUI of marijuana. Mr. Diamond knows what defense methods are effective, and can advise you on what steps should be taken during the legal process. You can trust that Mr. Diamond will do everything possible to fight your charges and negotiate for a reduction, or better yet a dismissal, of the charges. Mr. Diamond genuinely cares about your future, and wants to help you avoid a conviction that could follow you for years to come!

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