Los Angeles Expungements

Expungement Attorney in Los Angeles, California

If you are visiting this site, you may currently have a criminal record. This may have led to difficulty gaining employment or may have led to embarrassment or situations that negatively affected your ability to gain housing or a particular loan. In situations such as this, a Los Angeles expungement may be exactly what you need.

Expungement is a legal process wherein you essentially clear your criminal record. Whereas right now your record is available for the public to view, a successful expungement would result in your record being no longer available on employment and background checks, unless performed by government agencies. This means that you will be able to lawfully claim on any employment application or in any other related situation that you do not have a criminal record.

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There are particular criteria you must meet to qualify for expungement in Los Angeles, and a lawyer experienced with these matters can review your particular situation to determine whether you qualify. Los Angeles expungement lawyer David D. Diamond offers a free consultation to talk to you about the expungement process and what can be done to clear your criminal record. Because this is a complex legal matter, you will benefit from having a professional at your side to ensure your petition is properly filed and that you have the best opportunity at successfully clearing your record. Attorney Diamond can offer you honest, straightforward advice applicable to your specific case.

For many of our clients, an expungement means peace of mind in knowing that their record is clean. If you would like to learn more about Los Angeles expungements and how an experienced attorney can assist you, contact David D. Diamond today.