Drug Trafficking Attorney in Los Angeles

Are you facing drug trafficking charges?

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, and is home to an estimated 8,146 persons per square mile. Because of its size and accessibility, Los Angeles is a major storage area and transshipment point for illegal drugs to be smuggled to other states and countries. Authorities have honed in on drug trafficking in the Los Angeles area, and have increased arrests to cut down on drug distribution.

If you have been charged with drug trafficking charges, you may be able to avoid conviction with the help of a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. It is imperative that you act quickly to secure legal defense and to begin fighting your charges.

Defining Drug Trafficking

The crime of drug trafficking involves transporting, distributing, selling, manufacturing or cultivating controlled substances. It may also include the importing and exporting of illegal substances. These actions are all under the umbrella term of "trafficking", but the term is most commonly used by authorities to describe drug trafficking operations and large-scale or international drug crimes.

If you have been charged with a drug trafficking crime that crosses state lines or national borders, you may be charged with a state or federal offense. A drug crime attorney from Diamond & Associates is here to defend your rights against the state and federal prosecutors. With years of experience helping those charged with drug crimes, our legal team is well prepared to handle your charges.

A Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney – Fighting Trafficking Charges

Our firm is committed to helping clients build a compelling defense against their drug crime charges. We will partner with you to investigate your case and scrutinize the evidence being used against you. Our lawyers will not rest until every angle has been examined and every detail has been uncovered. With the team at Diamond & Associates, you will have the highest quality of service and personal attention for your drug trafficking case.

For legal assistance in the midst of drug trafficking charges, contact a Los Angeles drug crime attorney at our firm today.