Los Angles Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug Sales and Manufacturing Charges

According to our state's Health and Safety Code, it is a felony crime to sell, furnish, administer, give away, transport or import into California an illegal narcotic. It is also a felony offense to manufacture, produce, compound or process a controlled substance, such as methamphetamines, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy and others. You can also be charged if you knowingly permitted another to manufacture drugs in a building that you owned or leased.

With either the manufacture or sale of drugs, there are multiple defenses that are possible to expose problems in a prosecutor's case. Arrests can be made which lack evidence to prove that a defendant was in possession of the drugs in the first place.

If a search warrant led to your arrest and it was based on false or misleading information, there could be rights violations that will be brought to the attention of the court immediately. You may have been set up in violation of the laws on entrapment or the police reports on the matter may have contained inaccurate or conflicting information. At times, the police use "informants" who are unreliable and pass on data that is false. If the laws pertaining to your rights and you are a victim of rights violations in an illegal search and seizure, it can lead to the evidence against you being suppressed.

With the help of a dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Diamond & Associates, you have someone who is willing to listen to your side of the story and to formulate a defense which makes room for reasonable doubt through exposing and expanding upon the mistakes and flaws in the case or the evidence.

Penalties for Drug Sales

Law enforcement and prosecutors will look at the amount of drugs involved and the presence of other factors to determine your charges. The penalties you face are based on the type and quantities of drug, if you have a prior criminal record and the circumstances of the crime, such as the involvement of a minor. Conviction on these drug crimes can result in a loss of your driving privileges, registration as a narcotics offender, expensive fines, and long terms of incarceration, drug diversion programs, probation and parole. You will need and want an attorney who will work to obtain the best possible resolution in your case.

Contact a Los Angeles drug crime lawyer today, if you are charged with drug manufacturing or sales and need to know your legal options.