Pre-Trial Conference for Misdemeanor DUI

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

A pretrial hearing, or pretrial conference, occurs after the arraignment during a misdemeanor DUI court process. During the pretrial hearing, the prosecution and defense attorneys exchange information. This is known as "discovery." At this time, pretrial motions may also be filed, motions to set aside the complaint, dismiss the case, suppress evidence, etc. may be made at this time.

At your pretrial hearing, you (the defendant) will have the opportunity to change your plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest. Your DUI defense attorney may also negotiate with the prosecution in an effort to reach a suitable resolution before the trial.

At every part of your misdemeanor DUI court process, your DUI defense attorney will play a major part in protecting your rights and helping to keep you from prison. The pretrial hearing is no exception. If handled correctly, your attorney may be able to have blood alcohol evidence suppressed or even possibly file a successful motion to have your charges dropped altogether.

Upon reviewing your case and thoroughly investigating all aspects of your arrest, Los Angeles DUI lawyer David D. Diamond will be able to come up with an appropriate plan of action for your pretrial conference. His experience and resources will prove invaluable for your case.

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