DUI Arrests in Southern California

When a DUI arrest is made, the defendant will be taken to jail by the police. At this point, one of three things may occur:

  • No DUI charges are formally filed, and the defendant is released.
  • Charges are filed, and the defendant posts bail or is released on his own recognizance, and is scheduled for arraignment.
  • Charges are filed, and the defendant stays in custody of law enforcement, at which point he or she would be transported to Court for arraignment.

If you are arrested for DUI, a defense attorney is the only way you will get protection throughout the following steps in the DUI court process. After your arrest and during every step following, your attorney will provide you with much-needed protection and representation in Court.

Los Angeles DUI attorney David D. Diamond is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has defended numerous driving under the influence cases throughout Southern California. Operating in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, attorney Diamond is ready to help you with your DUI arrest and charges.

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