Trial for Felony DUI

Los Angeles Felony DUI Court Process

A crucial part of your Felony DUI court process is your trial. This is most often a trial by jury, but you may request a court trial if you choose. During a court trial, a judge will hear the evidence and will make a judgement, rather than a jury.

If you have been charged with a felony DUI, the "Information" must be filed within 15 days of the date that you were "held to answer" at your preliminary hearing. Your trial must then begin within 60 days of the arraignment on the Information.

Your felony DUI trail will then proceed as follows:

  • Your attorney (defense) and the prosecution will select a jury.
  • The trial will begin with an opening statement from the prosecution and the defense.
  • Both attorneys will directly examine their own witnesses and cross examine the other side's witnesses.
  • Both attorneys will deliver their closing arguments.
  • The judge will inform the jury of how to apply the information and facts they have heard to the law.
  • The jury will deliberate and reach a verdict.
  • The jury will deliver their verdict.
  • The judge will determine your sentencing.

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