Arraignment & Plea for Felony DUI Charges

Los Angeles Felony DUI Court Process

A felony arraignment is will be your first court appearance in the occasion of a felony DUI charge. At the arraignment, you will be informed of the charges you will be facing and you will be informed of your rights. If you do not have an attorney or cannot afford one, the Court will appoint one for you. The Court will also set your bail amount, or you may be released on your own recognizance, meaning no bail is due.

At your arraignment, you will enter your plea of guilty, not guilty or no contest:

  • Guilty - you admit that you have committed the felony DUI charges you are facing.
  • Not guilty - you no not admit guilt; you state that you did not commit the crime which you have been accused of.
  • No contest - also referred to as "nolo contendere" - you state that you do not contest the charge. This is similar to admitting guilt, except that this plea cannot then be used against you as evidence of liability in civil court proceedings.

In working with Los Angeles DUI attorney David D. Diamond, you have the opportunity to have an experienced attorney advise you at your arraignment. For instance, it may be that entering a plea of not guilty is the right thing to do, or that you should do something else in order to get a better outcome for your case.

By working with a private attorney, such as DUI defense lawyer David Diamond, you are working with someone who is not overworked and inexperienced. A state-appointed attorney may simply be unable to provide the same level of service and dedication that private attorney David Diamond can provide.

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