Southern California DUI Court Process

The DUI court process has two main branches, your criminal proceedings and your DMV hearing. On this page, we will cover the first topic: criminal proceedings.

DUI Criminal Court Process

Any criminal court process begins with your arrest. In the case of a DUI, an officer must have observed some sort of behavior which led him or her to believe that you were driving under the influence. Upon performing field sobriety tests or a breath test, the officer would then arrest you for DUI.

After your arrest, you will be held in custody until bail is set or an arraignment hearing is held.

At your arraignment, the judge will advise you of the pending DUI charges you are facing and will read you your rights. At this time, your DUI attorney will also be able to enter a plea before the court, of guilty, not guilty or no contest.

A plea bargain or a motion to suppress may also be filed, by your attorney or by the prosecuting attorney. The prosecution may offer you a lesser sentence or charge if you plead guilty - this is a plea bargain. Your attorney may file a motion to suppress evidence if it was collected incorrectly or incompetently.

The trial is the final step of any DUI court process. At this time, both attorneys (prosecution and defense) will begin with their opening statements, will examine and cross-examine witnesses, and deliver their closing arguments. The judge will then inform the jury how to apply the information and facts they have just heard to their verdict. The jury will then deliberate and deliver a verdict (guilty or not guilty).

Finally, the judge will determine sentencing.

Los Angeles DUI Attorney

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