How to Fight Your Los Angeles DUI

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If you have been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, California or the surrounding areas, you may be wondering: How can I fight my DUI? The answer is simple. Utilize your constitutional rights and hire an attorney who can defend you at your DMV hearing and throughout the entire DUI court process. Being charged with driving under the influence is a serious matter and can result in the suspension of your license as well as fines and jail time. By working with an aggressive DUI defense lawyer, you have the chance to avoid these penalties and more.

Attorney Defending DUI Charges in Los Angeles

Los Angeles DUI attorney David D. Diamond has what it takes to successfully fight your DUI: experience, dedication and knowledge. His aggressive courtroom techniques and his innovative defense strategies have equaled success for a number of his clients, even when the evidence seemed stacked against them.

Our Los Angeles DUI attorney can fight your DUI by:

  • Thoroughly investigating the circumstances of your arrest and charges
  • Conducting an independent test of your blood alcohol concentration
  • Challenging the validity of your blood alcohol screening test (breath test or blood test)
  • Proving that your rights were violated at any point during the arrest
  • Showing that the officer did not have probable cause to pull you over
  • Disproving your blood alcohol concentration results
  • Bringing forth witnesses to corroborate your side of the story
  • Challenging the reliability of witnesses for the prosecution
  • Representing you at your DMV hearing to help you get your license reinstated

These are only a few of the ways we can help. If you are a Southern California resident who has been arrested for driving under the influence or you have been charged with DUI while on vacation, our Los Angeles DUI attorney can help you fight your charges.

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