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There are numerous ways to build an effective DUI defense strategy - regardless of the particular charges you are facing or how much evidence law enforcement may have against you. Even if you have failed field sobriety tests or took a breath or blood test and showed a result well above the legal limit, an attorney can still investigate your case and determine how to represent your interests.

At Diamond & Associates, we are experienced in defending clients facing a variety of drunk driving-related charges. Los Angeles criminal attorney David D. Diamond has been able to use his experience and knowledge in this field to successfully defend the rights of numerous clients throughout the years, even in the most serious of DUI cases.

Defenses Against a Drunk Driving Charge

There are numerous potential DUI defenses that Los Angeles DUI lawyer Diamond may be able to use in your favor:

  • The blood test sample was mishandled
  • The breath test was administered incorrectly
  • The breath test machine was not properly calibrated
  • The initial police stop was unwarranted
  • Your arrest was unlawful
  • Your rights were violated at some point
  • Evidence was handled inappropriately

Consult a Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney

By consulting an attorney as soon as possible, you can find out what potential defenses may be used to help you avoid a conviction for this serious offense. You deserve the right to fight your charges and fight to keep your driver's license. By defending your rights and freedom at your DMV hearing and throughout the criminal court process, this is exactly what Los Angeles DUI attorney David Diamond can do for you.

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