Los Angeles Bail Bond Attorney

Bail Hearings and Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

If you have been arrested, you may have to deal with being in custody for a long period of time unless you can post bail. Bail will be set at a certain amount by a judge, and the amount of bail can vary widely. Your Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can negotiate and fight for a reasonable bail, or to allow you to be free on your own recognizance. Bail is essentially a guarantee that you will show up at the date and time requested by the courts. Your bail amount is returned to you when you appear and if you fail to appear, your bail is lost.

A bail bond can also be gotten from a company that provides this service to the community, and we can direct you to a company to assist in this process. Bond companies usually require collateral such as a deed, cash or other property to issue the bail bond. If you fail to appear in court, they are required to pay the bail amount and will then take action to recover the money from the collateral you agreed to. A bond agent will normally require payment of between 8 - 10% of the bail amount to issue the bond and get a release from custody.

Being arrested for any type of crime, whether it is a drug crime, DUI, white collar crime or violent crime such as murder or assault and battery, demands immediate assistance from a dedicated Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. Diamond & Associates is here to assist you through this troubling time, including negotiating to reduce your bail amount, and taking action to fight to get you released as quickly as possible. You will need a powerful criminal defense lawyer to manage this process, and every other aspect of your case.

Getting Out Of Jail

There are steps that should be undertaken immediately if you have been arrested and are facing a bail hearing. The bail amount set may be excessive. This is in direct violation of the 8th Amendment and a request can be made to the judge reduce the bail amount, based upon your constitutional rights. We may also be able to negotiate being released on your own recognizance by proving to the court that you have ties to the community with family in the area, a job, membership in a religious organization and other information that could support our case that you are not a flight risk or danger to the community.

Our goal is always to produce the best outcome possible in your case, including issues involving bail hearings and posting bail. We know how urgent it is that you are released. We can help you throughout the criminal justice process, and offer a free initial consultation to discuss bail and other critical issues.

Contact a Los Angeles bail bond attorney if you have been jailed and need to know how to be released while awaiting trial.