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In the face of criminal charges, an arrest or an investigation by law enforcement, your only opportunity to protect your future and freedom will be to involve a highly experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Having handled more than 2,000 felony and misdemeanor cases so far in his career, Los Angeles Defense Attorney David D. Diamond can provide you with the level of counsel you need.

About Criminal Charges & Our Services

You can learn more about our services and the types of criminal cases we handle by reviewing the content on this website. You are also welcome to call us at any time to schedule a confidential case review with Mr. Diamond himself.

Criminal Appeals
A criminal conviction does not necessarily signify the end of the fight for a defendant's freedom. If you believe you were wrongfully convicted, our firm can help you appeal the decision. This may be the second chance you have been hoping for.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a criminal offense that may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the exact circumstances surrounding the alleged act or acts. It is defined as violence or abuse between family members, people who live together, spouses or ex-spouses or people in a romantic relationship.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
DUI is one of the most common types of criminal cases we handle. A Los Angeles driver may find that he or she is arrested for DUI if an officer believes that his or her abilities are impaired by alcohol or drugs. Our goal in these matters is to protect our clients' freedom and driving privileges.

DMV Hearings
A hearing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles is an essential part of any DUI case. This is the driver's opportunity to challenge the administrative suspension of his or her driver's license in conjunction with a DUI arrest and allegedly failed or refused breath or blood test.

Multiple DUI
When a driver has one or more prior DUI convictions on his or her record, this will have a significant impact on any new drunk driving offenses, leading to an increased term of imprisonment, higher fines and a longer term of license suspension.

Drug Crimes
There are a number of specific criminal offenses that may be considered drug crimes. All of these involve controlled substances, including illegal narcotics and prescription drugs, which are regulated by the government.

Drug Sales & Manufacturing
One may face criminal charges for the alleged sale, distribution, manufacturing or cultivation of illegal drugs. These offenses are sometimes covered by the umbrella term "drug trafficking". Drug crimes of this nature are generally the most serious that a person may be accused of committing.

Drug Possession
Generally considered a "lesser" drug crime, drug possession may still have harsh consequences for a defendant if convicted. Depending on the type of drug and the amount, one may face felony or misdemeanor charges for drug possession.

A criminal conviction may negatively impact one's life in many ways, leading to limited employment opportunities, difficulty seeking a higher education and even impacting one's ability to work in certain fields or obtain professional licenses. Expungement may be just the answer, enabling a person to effectively clear a conviction from his or her record.

Felony Criminal Defense
A felony is a crime that may be punishable by anywhere from one year to life in state prison. Certain felonies may even be punishable by death. For this reason, felony defense is a key part of our firm's Los Angeles criminal defense practice.

Juvenile Crimes
A person who is under 18 years old is considered a minor. When a minor is accused of committing a criminal act, he or she will face proceedings in juvenile court, where the focus is rehabilitation as opposed to punishment alone. Legal counsel is still necessary in these proceedings, however, as a juvenile record can influence a minor's education, employment opportunities and entire future.

Restraining Orders
Our firm can help clients who are seeking to obtain or need to defend themselves against restraining orders and temporary restraining orders. These matters must be handled immediately and with great care.

Sex Crimes
One of the most serious crimes a person may be accused of committing is a sex offense. This may include any act of a sexual nature that is considered illegal, such as prostitution, rape, molestation, sexual abuse or child pornography. We approach these cases with care, understanding that a client's future and reputation are on the line.

Rape may be defined as nonconsensual sexual intercourse. "Nonconsensual" may have many meanings here, and does not necessarily mean that the victim had to physically resist or say "no". Due to the complicated nature of these cases and the prevalence of false allegations, this is an important part of our practice.

Three Strikes
California has one of the harshest implementations of the Three Strikes Law of any state in the U.S., making a serious or violent felony conviction a very serious matter. If a defendant has two "strikes" on his or her record, he or she may face 25 years to life for any third felony conviction.

Violent Crimes
A violent crime is an offense that is violent in nature. It may involve a threat, attempt or act of violence against another person, such as assault, robbery or murder.

Assault & Battery
Though assault and battery are actually two separate offenses, they are sometimes grouped together in criminal cases. Assault is described as an attempt or threat of violence, whereas batter is described as the act of violence or unwanted touching of another person.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Attempting or threatening to cause bodily harm to another person is a serious crime, and if a defendant is accused of doing so with a firearm or other deadly weapon, the penalties will be far more severe. Assault with a deadly weapon may be charged as a felony in Los Angeles.

Carjacking is a crime that involves taking another's vehicle from their immediate possession or presence, when accomplished by force, threats or violence. This is generally charged as a felony and may count as a "strike" on a defendant's record.

Unlawfully taking another's life is the most serious crime that a person may be accused of committing. If one is accused of doing so with malice aforethought and preplanning, he or she may face murder charges. Only the most aggressive and thorough defense attorney can meet with success in the face of criminal charges of this level.

White Collar Crimes
Typically involving complex business and financial crimes, white collar offenses are extremely serious and may threaten one's financial stability, freedom and career. Our Los Angeles firm handles cases of this kind with the thoroughness and attention to detail that enables us to recognize viable defense opportunities where others may not.

A person may face bribery charges for offering, accepting or agreeing to accept money or other valuables in exchange for the performance of an official act. For example, offering money to a police officer in an attempt to get out of a speeding ticket may be considered bribery.

Bank Fraud
Bank fraud is a serious white collar crime. Attempting to or actually defrauding a federally insured bank is a serious offense that may be punishable by up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1 million.

Bankruptcy Fraud
Misrepresenting information on one's bankruptcy petition, concealing assets or otherwise committing fraud at any point during the bankruptcy process may be considered bankruptcy fraud, a white collar crime that may be punishable by time in prison and hefty fines.

Computer Crimes
The federal government has placed extensive resources and manpower into cracking down on computer and internet crime, or cybercrime. This may include identity theft, child pornography, hacking, spamming and similar acts.

Embezzlement, sometimes referred to as employee theft or employee fraud, involves a person in a position of financial responsibility or authority within a company who stands accused of taking or misappropriating funds, usually for personal gain.

Also referred to as "theft by deceit", fraud may be described as any act or attempt to defraud one or more individuals or companies of money, goods or other valuables. It may be committed by misrepresentation, deceit or outright falsehoods. Depending on the target and the amount of money involved, a defendant may face extremely harsh penalties.

Willfully or knowingly making false statements under oath is considered perjury. A defendant convicted of this crime may face mandatory imprisonment, heavy fines and other penalties that may affect virtually all aspects of his or her life.

RICO Crimes
Under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a defendant may face criminal charges for taking part in an enterprise that engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity.

Tax Crimes
Tax evasion and fraud are taken very seriously by the federal government. If you are under investigation by the IRS and believe that you may face tax fraud charges, it is important to move quickly and involve a criminal defense lawyer who can begin protecting your legal rights.

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