Burbank Expungement Lawyer

Expungements in California

Even after serving your sentence or being cleared of charges, a criminal offense has the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. Many individuals in Burbank have experienced difficulty finding employment, housing, and loans because they have criminal charges on their records. Luckily, there is a way of making these offenses invisible to potential employers, lenders, individuals and entities, and this process is called expungement. Burbank criminal defense lawyer David D. Diamond offers exceptional representation to individuals wishing to wipe their records clean, and if expungement is possible for your situation he will help you take the proper steps to complete this legal action.

Even if you have only been charged with a minor offense, it will still show up on your record, and this could make you look undesirable to potential employers. In today’s world, it is hard enough to find a job in Burbank without having your criminal record working against you. Expungement will remove a previous criminal offense from your record where it will not be seen by certain people who perform background checks. The charges will still show up to police and other in the court systems, but will no longer be able to be seen by the people whose opinions matter the most.

Need to expunge your criminal record?

Not everyone with a criminal record in Burbank will be eligible for expungement, and there are strict guidelines about who can and cannot have their records expunged. If you have completed your sentence, were convicted of a non-violent offense, or have spent many years in the community without obtaining anymore convictions, you may qualify for expungement. Attorney Diamond can examine your circumstances to find out whether or not you can have your record expunged. Contact a Burbank expungement attorney from Diamond & Associates today to discuss the circumstances of your case and learn about your options to clear your record.