Burbank Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Charges

Many people in California are under the impression that what goes on between two people, whether they are married, dating, partners, or simply even roommates, belongs behind closed doors and is not the business of anyone else. Although this can be true in many cases, the authorities may become involved if allegations of abuse are made by one or more parties in a domestic setting or personal relationship. If you or a loved one has been accused of domestic violence, you could be facing criminal penalties and may even have a restraining order placed against you if you do not seek representation from an attorney immediately. The Burbank criminal defense lawyer at Diamond & Associates has experience handling criminal offenses such as domestic violence and he will know exactly what to do for your case.

Burbank Lawyer Fighting Domestic Violence Allegations

Domestic violence or abuse can take many different forms, and is not necessarily always physical. In some instances, a person could be charged with domestic violence for verbally abusing, threatening, or intimidating another person. No matter what the reasons are for domestic violence allegations, it is important that a lawyer fully investigate the situation to expose any false claims. Motivated by anger, revenge, jealousy, or malice, some people have been known to falsely accuse others of domestic violence. All it takes to alert the police is a simple phone call, and cases of domestic violence and abuse often involve one person’s word against another’s. In situations such as these, your Burbank criminal defense attorney can fight to expose these allegations for what they really are: fabricated lies. With your reputation and freedoms on the line, you cannot hesitate to enlist the powerful defense you need. For help with your situation, contact a Burbank domestic violence lawyer from Diamond & Associates today!